Welcome to our blog! Several months ago we left our jobs and friends in Salt Lake City to move to a small (about eight acres) farmstead on the outskirts of a small (population: 285), rural Iowa town. We have a 1916 farmhouse in desperate need of a paint job and a new bathroom, a barn calling for a new roof, and a field we’re slowly transitioning from cropland to pasture.

We’re planning on using this blog to share our experiences with family, friends, and anyone else who wants to laugh at our overambition and naiveté. We appreciate your interest, support, and advice!

Lilly and Mark



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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Mike Jensen

    Hey Guys,
    Looks like things are going well! I was pretty bummed to not see the Eagle up yet… If the previous owner took it, I’m about to cut down the tree that is tipping at 45 degrees in my back yard down. Maybe I could craft you guys a new chainsaw carved ornament for the yard? Hope the gardening is going well, I’m sure it’s a ton of work. I thought I was bad with my two Topsy Turvy’s. I planted sweet corn in them as an experiment and built a frame of 10×10 barn pole lumber so it wont fall down. I like to build stuff to last! Hope all is well. Ben and I miss you guys.

    Mike and Ben

  2. Jerry Fiat

    Great to see your story evolve after SLC. I feel I know Iowa and it appears that you both are experiencing the very best of what I remember. The lettuce and broccoli were outstanding on last night’s BLTs and tonight’s combination salad. Thanks for sending the greens. Best wishes to you both as this rural farm story unfolds.


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