Sunday morning, we woke to a 6:00 am phone call. We were in Fort Dodge, Iowa, for a friend’s wedding, and Mark’s first thought when the phone buzzed was “Who’s in jail?” In reality, it was the post office calling to tell us that our chicks had arrived from the hatchery and we had about 3 hours to get them before all the Sunday workers left and the chicks would be left until Monday.We had expected the chicks this week, but never thought they would show up on Sunday, seeing as the post office is closed and all.

Since we wouldn’t have been able to make it back in time, Mark’s dad picked up the peepers, leaving them in the shop so that Bucky wouldn’t be tempted by all the chirping. By the time we got home, they were cold, thirsty, and hungry, and so were making quite a racket.

We had planned to put the finishing touches on the coop Sunday evening, so we put together a makeshift brooder in a old tote and threw in a few handfuls of feed to tide them over. Our friend Kayden has been even more excited than us for the chicks to arrive, so he came over right away to meet them.

A few hours later, the chicks were moved to their coop/brooder, and seem to be doing just fine. The red heat lamp has an amazing calming effect on them, and they are having no trouble with the water or feed. I wish we could say what kinds we got, but the “Meat’n’Egg Combo” we ordered only guaranteed 15 meat birds and 10 layers. Hopefully we’ll be able to I.D. them as they get older.

Bucky had a brief intro to the birds as well. He was pretty interested, but stayed relatively calm. I’m sure the chick is a bit more traumatized.



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2 responses to “Chicks!

  1. Stephanie Warnick

    They are so cute! I want to pick one up and cuddle it to my cheek. I think you’re officially farmers now.

  2. Aaron

    mmm meat and egg combo! You should see how big Ryan and Tiana’s chickens are getting! We miss you guys, but your place looks great.

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