The first harvest…

Rule number one… things always grow faster when you aren’t looking. This past weekend we learned this very quickly after coming home from a wonderful trip with friends in Colorado.  After driving through the night to get home early, we came back to a garden ready for picking.  It was amazing how fast things had grown, including our favorites… the weeds.  After a quick nap this afternoon we headed out to the garden to do some much needed harvesting and clean up.  After a few hours we came out with dirty knees and about 50 lbs. of produce made up of green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, a melon, and a pepper.  With it being such a nice day out, we decided to bring our summer kitchen sink outside and work under the beautiful blue sky.  By the end of the night we had frozen 20lbs of green beans, 3 dozen ears of sweet corn cut form the cob, and 12 lbs of tomatoes.



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2 responses to “The first harvest…

  1. Michael Grouws

    You guys are amazing. Industrious. Was that a banana in the foreground?
    We are enjoying Indian food and playing cribbage!
    Hope your backs don’t ache too badly tomorrow!!

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