Mark and I had a wild Friday night this week making applesauce. Our tree is heavy with some sort of green, tart apple, and one of the parks my office maintains has some old, neglected trees that we were able to pull a few bags worth of apples from. The park apples ended up being fairly mealy and not so good for sauce, but our apples worked great. We splurged for the saucing and bought an apple peeler, which is hands down our biggest recommendation for anyone wanting to to do anything that involves peeling lots and lots of apples. A bottle of wine is helpful too.

We followed the Ball recipe for sauce, which is pretty straightforward: Boil down some apples til tender, run them through a food mill, add lemon juice and however much sugar you prefer, and process in a boiling water bath. We canned eight quarts of sauce and only made it through half of the apples. Plus, the tree is still loaded. It looks like we’ll be needing a lot of wine over the next few weeks.



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2 responses to “saucy

  1. Michael Grouws

    Wow, looks so good. Martha Stewart called and she is jealous of your great work and beautiful pictures!!
    Good thing you guys are young and ambitious!

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