under attack

Left the house this morning when it was still dark and a bit foggy, but assumed all was well and normal. Returned home 8 hours later to this. That’s not (just) peeling paint on the walls.  Hundreds, thousands, of Asian beetles arrived literally overnight to crawl/fly/fall all over our house/porch/windows.  We didn’t find too many inside the house, luckily, until we got upstairs. Mark started the process of installing all our new windows this weekend. He didn’t want to waste foam sealant by not having enough windows ready to seal to use up a full can, so we decided to wait until we had a few more done. The beetles took full advantage of the tiny slots between window and jam, and we spent a frantic hour spraying in sealant, rubbing sealant off the window sills and jams with acetone, and vacuuming up beetles. Asian beetles are little yellow ladybug lookalikes, and the worst thing about them, aside from their massive hatches, is that they SMELL. Crushing hundreds of them in a shop vac doesn’t help.  It’s going to be a good night: sealant caking our hands like super glue, the smell of mashed beetles in the air, and acetone fumes making us just a bit lightheaded.


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  1. Melissa Aga

    LMAO – sorry I can’t help laughing after reading that and imagining you two tearing around trying to kill as many Asian beetles as possible. I know Ben’s parents have the same problem. Ah…the joys of simple country living. 😉 We really enjoy your blog – keep the posts coming!

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