fall harvests

An out-of-town wedding and frost warning on Saturday night dictated that we spent Saturday morning pulling the squash, pumpkins, peppers, and random watermelon or two in the garden. We left the leeks, kale, parsley, and carrots to fend for themselves, and they seem fine. We should be set on pumpkins for the year, and we’ve run out of ways to preserve peppers from this harvest and previous ones. After multiple batches each of pickled peppers, marinated red peppers, roasted pepper spread, and pepper jelly, we resorted to chopping and freezing, ending up with two gallon bags worth. Which is probably a gallon and a half more than we’ll ever use, but at least we have the option, I guess. Seems like we’ll be eating a lot of pumpkin bread, as well.



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2 responses to “fall harvests

  1. Jay Lundahl

    Just reviewed the whole season, keepin busy looks like folks! Good to see youngins that care about growing their own food. We have some chicken killing to do before winter – between deer and elk butchering as well. Hope the ground lets go of some of the potatoes we haven’t dug yet. Well, hope next year progresses further… Slam one at the Firemans tonight!

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