big news!

We had our first egg today! I was in “straightening” the coop and decided there was enough chicken poop in the laying boxes that it was time to clean those out too. I made a very excited, very nerdy little gasp when I saw the little white egg sitting in one of the boxes. I should have had enough wits about me to get my camera, but instead I grabbed the egg and ran to show Mark, and then called my family to share the news. My mom told me not to call back until it was a human egg I wanted to tell them about, but my chicken-rearing brother and sister-in-law were thrilled.

Our egg is on the left. A standard large store-bought egg on the right. The eggs should be up to normal size soon, though. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the egg we got is just the faintest shade of pink, particularly next to the white store egg.

We switched the hens over to a laying ration, even though it’s probably a bit early for most of them. I think the egg probably came from one of our white birds, which I’m guessing are some sort of Leghorn hybrid and reach production age earlier. The others will take a few more weeks, I think. Which, really, is probably a good thing because I don’t quite know what we’re going to do with the 7-8 eggs were probably going to get every day.

Oh, and our rooster has started his strangled attempts at crowing. That’ll be fun.



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  1. Jeni

    hahaha… the comment about the human egg. Parents!

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