down a brown

We lost our second chicken a few days ago. The first was a meat bird about the 3rd day we had them, so it wasn’t as sad. This was one of our brown layers. Not sure what happened. Mark let them out in the morning before he left for work and all was fine. I found her face planted under the laying boxes when I got home 9 hours later. She was, as they say, stiff as a board, so she must have been dead for a while. No sign of mayhem or manhandling by any other critter. We’re guessing she had a spastic episode, as they seem prone to do, flew into the bottom of the laying box, and brained herself. We had another layer show up with a big gash on her head a few weeks ago, we’re guessing from the same type of thing. That one’s fine now, though.

It’s sad but, all in all, I think we’ve had a pretty good mortality rate, so it’s hard to be too terribly upset. We’re not going to have any shortage of eggs, so that’s no concern. She had a good life while it was here, and then became food for whatever might have been prowling the ditch down the road the other night.


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