planting garlic

We planted our garlic for next year. We bought about a pound and a half of seed bulbs from Seed Savers, which turned out to be about 100 cloves, each of which is planted by itself and will become a whole new bulb. Garlic is another of my favorite things to grow because, like potatoes, it’s got a wonderful element of surprise, and a real need for patience. These will spend the winter in the dirt, covered by a layer of mulch, will begin sprouting next spring, and will be ready to harvest some time in July. The cold weather they sit through is actually what causes them to produce all the cloves that make up the bulb. As long as the ground doesn’t freeze so hard that it heaves and rips their root system, which mulching helps prevent, they should be good to go.

Planting’s a relatively simple process: break the bulbs apart, and drop a single clove–with paper still on and tip up–in a hole about 2 inches deep. The ground was quite hard the day we planted, though it’s rained since then, so it was a bit of chore digging the holes. Other than that, the hardest part of planting was visualizing next year’s garden and where we want the garlic to fit into that.



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2 responses to “planting garlic

  1. Michael Grouws

    Keep up the great work. Really enjoy reading your great postings and awesome pictures!!

  2. mg

    Iowa State rules! Thanks for coming over for supper.

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