learning curve

The eggs are coming fast and steady now. We’re getting 5-6 a day, and I’m thinking there’s still 2 hens yet to start laying. I think they’re all still learning to some degree, though, as evidenced by the varied sizes of eggs we find. (The ones to the sides of the carton are close to store-bought “large” eggs.) We’ve also found a few eggs that have only a soft membrane around them, which are pretty gross, and some that look like an egg had been cracked right into the laying box, with no signs of any shells. I think their bodies are still just figuring out how to produce and eject an oversized, hard, protein-bomb every day. We’d like to invite anyone in the area who wants some of these protein bombs to let us know. There’s plenty, and the mini ones make the cutest little fried eggs you’ve ever seen.



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  1. Natalie

    I just love your guys’ blog! And I thought buying a house in town was a lot of work…ha!

    Keep posting…I can’t wait to see it all lit up with Christmas lights! (Lil–I’ll be interested to see how much complaining Mark does about it! Jason hates every second of decorating for Christmas.)

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