weather recap

We’ve been extremely lax in posting for, ummm, about a month now. Here’s a few shots of the weather we’ve gone through the past four weeks or so, starting with the ice storm that was our first winter weather.

The kale survived the first few light frosts we had, but we have tried using any since the ice storm since we have plenty in the freezer. We haven’t bothered pulling it, or the broccoli that we let flower. Hopefully it won’t be too mushy of a mess when we have to deal with it in the spring.

Now, we’ve had about a foot of snow fall. The snow fence we put up under our grove didn’t seem to do much to prevent drifting in the 30-40 mph winds that accompanied the first major storm. We’ve got a killer yard for snow play, and Bucky loves charging the mini mountains that have blown in. Come on by and make a snow angel or two.



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