New windows

It is amazing how much more you notice a breeze in your home when the air coming through your windows is five degrees below zero.  When we bought the house last year we knew that a window upgrade was defiantly in order. While we enjoy many of the older characteristics of the house, the wavy glass, cracked panes, and balloon-filling air leaks were not some of them.  The old windows were the original single-pane, wood double hung windows that were installed in 1916.

Last spring before Mark changed jobs we were able to purchase windows through JELD-WEN with an employee discount.  We chose to go with white vinyl windows because of their ease of replacement and energy efficiency.  With the employee discount and the 2010 energy tax credits, we were able to outfit all 22 windows for a very reasonable price.  It would have been nice to upgrade to wood windows for the traditional look, however the additional work and cost eased our concern of changing the look of the house.

It is actually quite surprising how easy it is to install replacement windows.  As long as you have taken the correct measurements for your new windows, the old come out and the new go in.  Other than needing to insulate the chambers where the old window weights were hung, very little needed to be done.  In addition, the majority of the original woodwork was able to be reused, creating even less work when trimming out the new windows.  For the most part, this is a project that can be done by anyone.   Window manufacturers provide relatively good directions and with a few basic tools, an extra set of hands, and a nice afternoon you will likely be surprised how quick a few new windows can be put in.  I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a ex-window salesman in the house, but either way, it is by no means impossible.


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