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We had some pheasants in our yard today, quite a surprise because our yard is not what I’d describe as wildlife friendly right now. We don’t have much for pheasant food, the grove doesn’t really provide any substantial cover, and we have a great oaf of a dog running around all the time.  We rarely even get songbirds, let alone anything much bigger in our yard. But, two pheasants showed up and poked around the wood bin for a while. One got stuck, actually, and took a bit of beating as it tried to get out. Hopefully it didn’t do itself any permanent damage. We threw out some of our chickens’ cracked corn to see if we can draw them back, but I’m not keeping my fingers crossed, at least for the immediate future. Eventually we’ll improve our windbreak and yard landscaping to provide more feed and cover, but that’s a long-term project.

Crappy picture, taken through our glass door leading out onto the back porch.


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